X Tigi Kids 5 Mini Tablet 16GB
X Tigi Kids 5 Mini Tablet 16GB
X Tigi Kids 5 Mini Tablet 16GB
X Tigi Kids 5 Mini Tablet 16GB
X Tigi Kids 5 Mini Tablet 16GB
X Tigi Kids 5 Mini Tablet 16GB
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X Tigi Kids 5 Mini Tablet for keep your kids active and smart. Fun Trip on X-TIGI Baby
Start a fun trip for kids with classic nursery rhymes, stories and games with colourful cute characters and inspiringinteractions. Foster young creativity, good habits, and learn about general knowledge like letters, colours, numbers with X-TIGI Baby

X-TIGI baby:

Safe & Funny
Child Lock:
Kids could not exit kids desktop except parents input the password
Filtering Apps:
Parents can select apps which can be shown in kids desktop
Media Content:
Parents can create specific media files for kids, which kids can enjoy their own music, photos and video
Safe Websites:
Parents also can create proper websites for kids so kids will not visit other unsafe websites
Time Limit:
By setting the time of playing, kids can not play the tablet all the time, which can help kids develop good habits
Data Statistics:
In the interface of Parental Control, parents can get hold of statistics about kids playing tablet in X-TIGI Baby.

First Learning
It is suitable for 2-4 years old children to start the enlightenment education. Knowledge points are showcased in the learning materials by cards and picture books with games. It is easy and fun, and will not cause children any learning load. Words, hearing, colors, shapes and numbers, these offer comprehensive help to understand and integrate into the environment of our lives.

Brain Training
It focuses on improving individual abilities beyond the book knowledge. Providing dozens of puzzle games under Memory, Reaction, Observation, Hand-eye coordination, Logical Thinking and other categories. Children’s abilities can be integrally promoted through the entertaining games. It’s suitable for 3-6 years old children.

Your child can play hard with Kids5 mini strong kid friendly design Tough enough to endure more than 1,000 drop tests from 12, 24 and 40 inches, it can handle all the bumps, spills and cops life brings.
Its foldable, bendable back stand can also take the pressure. kids Pro comes housed in@ bumper case for extra protection that’s colorful with rounded extra-soft edges to keep them safe,
Durable design.

2MP Rear Camera
2MP Front Camera
Capture all your important memories with the
2MP rear-facing camera. The 2MP front-facing camera is perfect for video chatting and selfies.
Speedy Face Unlock
Light up your screen, look at the screen, unlock the phone! Using the new security technology, you can unlock your phone in a flash. It is a more secure and speedy way to unlock the phone.

Longer duration battery for more freedom
Powered by a massive 3500 mAh battery, along with Android’s smart energy-saving chipset, the Kids5 mini will never let you down. It can support up to 21 hours of continuous calls, 54 hours of music playback and 8 hours of video playback. This gives you enough energy for a long day.
Kids5 mini


  • Category: Kids Tablets
  • Brand: X-Tigi
  • Features: Camera, Touch Screen, 3G, Bluetooth, Dual Sim, Dual Lens Camera
  • Authenticity: Original
  • Condition: New
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