Samsung Smart TV 55″ 4K UHD 55AU7092
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The Samsung UE55AU7092 has a resolution that makes the image crystal clear with its high quality. Watching a 4K TV with content shot at that resolution almost feels like looking out a window. 4K is especially important on large TVs, but it greatly improved the picture even on the slightly smaller screens.

With the HDR function in the Samsung UE55AU7092, the TV is able to display a wider color spectrum, darker blacks and stronger whites. This makes the image more dynamic, which is where the name comes from. HDR footage preserves the color differences in the dark and light areas of the image that would otherwise be lost. It gives the TV more options to display more natural colors that are closer to reality.

With the SmartTV function in the Samsung UE55AU7092, by connecting it to the internet, you can access a whole new range of movies, sports and other entertainment. Use pre-installed programs such as YouTube, Netflix and Viasat to see what suits you when you want it.


  • Category: TV & DVD Equipment
  • Condition: New
  • Type: Televisions
  • Brand: Samsung
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