Plastic Wardrobe With Drawers And Shoe Rack
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  • Adjiriganor, Greater Accra Region
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This Plastic Portable Collapsible Wardrobe will take care of your storage needs.‎‎ This mobile wardrobe is versatile, durable and environmentally friendly. ‎ The structure and design of this closet includes hanging spaceship.‎‎ It has front panel roll up for fast and easy access to your clothes and shoes‎‎.‎‎
This closet will help keep you organized and ensure all your shoes and clothes are well-arranged in your room.‎‎ This will help you create a mess-free and neat look for your bedroom.‎‎ The wardrobe is so versatile that it can easily be moved around your room if you want to change its position.


  • Category: Furniture
  • Furniture Type: Wardrobes
  • Place: Other Places
  • Condition: New
  • Color: Multi Color
  • Wholesale/Retail: Retail
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