Hollandia Yoghurt Strawberry Fruit Drink 300ml x24
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  • East Legon, Greater Accra Region
  • Made in Ghana
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Hollandia Yoghurt Strawberry Fruit Drink is the perfect choice for those looking for a healthy and refreshing beverage. Made from natural yoghurt and real fruit juice, this drink provides essential vitamins and minerals, as well as plenty of protein. It’s also low in sugar and calories, making it a great option for those watching their figure.

Hollandia Yoghurt is fortified with Vitamins A, B2, and B12 and enriched with Calcium. It comes in two flavours; Plain Sweetened and Strawberry which is full of nourishment. Enjoy a tasty boost of energy to keep you at your best level with our Hollandia Yoghurt flavours. Level Up with Hollandia Yoghurt

size: 300ml


  • Category: Meals & Drinks
  • Type: Dairy Products
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