HDMI Switch Box Splitter 3 Ports
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HDMI Switch Box Splitter 3 Ports

  • Converter Support 4K 2K 1080P 3D
  • It is compatible well for HD-DVD, SKY-STB, PS3, Xbox 360, etc,
  • Key-press-switching function.
  • Portable
  • Avoid frequent plugging and unplugging of and cables.
  • Support 1080p FullHD and 12-bit
  • Amplifies and splits input video  audio signals to three displays simultaneously without loss of quality.
  • No Power Required.
  • 3 Input Ports – Expand the capabilities of your  HDTV, connect up to 3 HDMI compatible devices for seamless transitions.


  • Category: Computer Accessories
  • Condition: New
  • Types of Accessories: HDMI Splitters
  • Brand: Others
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