Greenlife Chinese Royal tea – Healthy Drink
Greenlife Chinese Royal tea – Healthy Drink
Greenlife Chinese Royal tea – Healthy Drink
Greenlife Chinese Royal tea – Healthy Drink
  • Madina, Greater Accra Region
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Health Benefits and Functions of Chinese Royal Tea
Greenlife Chinese royal Tea is well known for the following functions,
1. Remedy for weight management; it slims you down through a much healthier way.
2. It prevents obesity.
3. It prevents and treats diabetes; it reduces sugar level.
4. It removes oil; anti-oil after your meals.
5. It is warm protection for your stomach.
6. It is a refreshing, re-energizing and rejuvenating daily healthier drink.
7. It is anti-diarrhea.
8. It is anti-aging.
9. It is anti-cancer.
10. It is anti-lipids.
11. It prevents and regulates erratic blood pressure.
12. It is a holistic internal detoxifier, purifier and cleanser.
13. It cleanses the intestinal tracts.
14. It rapidly clears nagging soars throats.
15. It clears toxin and heat in liver, heart, and stomach channels with congestion due to phlegm-heat.
16. It amazingly enhances your optimal sexual performance.

Open the package and put the tea into a cup or pot, add about 200 to 500 ml hot boiled water and wait for 2-3 minutes. Drink tea water but don’t take the tea leaves.


  • Category : Vitamins & Supplements
  • Brand : Other
  • : Greenlife
  • Type : Herbal Supplements
  • Formulation : Tea
  • Age Group : Adult
  • Wholesale/Retail : Retail
  • This is a healthy drink used to improve the brain cells and remove free radical from the brain. It is also used to clean the intestinal tract, remove oil after meals, give the stomach warm protection and reduce sugar level. It is a detoxin, an anti-aging and anti-cancer tea.
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