Einhell Jig Saw RT-JS 85
  • East Legon, Greater Accra Region
  • Imported Products

The Einhell Jig Saw RTJS 85 is a versatile and powerful jigsaw that is designed for use in a variety of woodworking, carpentry, and other DIY projects. It features a powerful 850W motor and a fourstage pendulum system that can be adjusted to suit the material being cut. The saw also features a blade guard for safety, a dust extraction port for cleaner working, and a toolfree blade changing system for quick and easy changes. The ergonomic handle and rubberized feet ensure a comfortable and secure grip. This saw is perfect for novice and experienced woodworkers alike.


  • Category: Electrical Equipment
  • Condition: New
  • Type of Equipment: Electric Saw
  • Brand: Einhell
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