asano tk 2021 3 1l sound bar
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  • Adjiriganor, Greater Accra Region
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This system offers more style, more excellent acoustics design, a sense of full bass unit, a high-resolution treble unit, impressive sound, and integrated a variety of playback. It comes with a Built-in digital mixer and the stereo signal input can be switched. Has a Slim remote control that offers easy remote control and is easy to operate. With its Full voltage power supply, enjoy the sound quality with constant output.

Play music directly from your SD card, or USB Pendrive, and listen to FM radio with its built-in receiver. Enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity as you can connect your Bluetooth supported devices to the system. Specifications:

Output: 45 W

Bluetooth Supported

FM Radio

LED Display

USB Supported

SD Card Supported


  • Category: Audio & Music Equipment
  • Condition: New
  • Equipment: Sound Bar
  • Brand: Asano
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