6l silver crest air fryer extra large
  • Spintex, Greater Accra Region
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at healthy and be healthy with Silver Crest Air Fryers. Air fryers operate through heated air circulating around you food.  This means there is is little or no addition of oil thereby reducing fat in the food. The S-18 air fryer boosts of a whooping 6L capacity for your convenience. It has an LCD display for ease of operation.

Fry with little or no oil and enjoy very healthy and yet tasty meals. It allows for faster cooking and saves a ton of energy compared to conventional fryers. For quick cooking presets, there are hotkeys for each cooking variation that you may want. It is easy to clean. The detachable food contact surfaces are also dishwasher safe. It is supported by 2400W of power for optimum performance.


  • Category: Kitchen Appliances
  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Silver Crest
  • Type: Deep Fryers
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